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Woodlot Harvesting Limited (WHL) is an industry leading company specialising in harvesting woodlot forests in the Nelson/Marlborough region. The company is managed and operated by director Brad Pyers.
The company aims to maximise returns for woodlot owners while maintaining a safe, professional harvesting operation. Adopting the common saying of two heads is better than one, the companys hands-on staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, obtained locally and from abroad. Our staff aim to create a fresh, diverse approach to harvesting woodlot forests.
With a focus on value recovery (cutting the maximum out of every stem), efficient harvesting practices and a staunch attitude to safety, the company is able to cost effectively and efficiently deliver a unique harvesting operation that obtains the greatest possible return for the woodlot owner.

Harvesting Services harvesting

Harvesting Services
WHL is an industry leading ground based harvesting operation. Holding health and safety paramount, WHL has worked to build a highly productive, yet cost effective harvesting operation. WHL utilises the Satco 424 fell and delimb head on its Cat 329D to mechanically fell and delimb trees leaving slash in the cutover area. This has huge benefits economically , environmentally and reduces risk. Delimbed stems are lighter and have less drag resistance so ground disturbance is minimised during extraction, more trees can be extracted at one time(ie less machine movements), and with minimal slash on the landing, the risk of fires is dramatically decreased! Also leaving slash in the cutover creates a natural erosion control and leaves a natural compost once decomposed. Most importantly the highest risk job in forestry, manual felling, is eliminated, creating a safer workplace for all involved.

WHL utilises manual processing of every stem to boost value recovery, as a qualified man on the ground can assess every stem individually and cut the most out of every tree. With modern, well maintained equipment, an experienced, qualified workforce and a safety is paramount, productive attutude, WHL is the harvesting contractor that is a standout in the industry.
Bulk Earthworks
WHL has a wealth of earthworks knowledge and experience within its staff, plus WHL has the equipment on hand to complete any bulk earthworks situation that should arise. From forming skid sites and roads, to inserting culverts and gravelling, WHL is competent and confident in all aspects of earthworks. With this in mind, this makes WHL a "one stop shop" for a complete harvesting service, eliminating the need to engage another earthworks contractor.
Post Harvest/Raking
Whether it be conforming to environmental restraints or preparing the cutover for replanting, WHL has the expertise and equipment to confidently complete any post harvest works. And with the added advantage of already being on site during harvesting operations, no transport costs are incurred making this a very cost effective option.

About Woodlot Management Ltd Forest Management Services

Woodlot Management Ltd (WML) was set up in 2014 by director Brad Pyers. WML's goal is to manage woodlots for small forest owners, maximising the return on their investment. By adopting a completely transparent process, educating and involving the forest owner throughout the process, and utilising expertise and excellent business relationships around the region, WML is able to provide a personal yet professional, cost effective service that achieves this goal.
Forest Appraisals
With a wealth of local knowledge WML's team is able to provide an accurate, no obligation appraisal of your forest. Whether it be planning a new forest from scratch, tending to an established forest, harvesting or post harvest clean up, WML will find the most cost effective solution to your forest needs.

Post Harvest Services
Whether it be reinstating harvesting tracks, back pulling slash onto skid sites or raking areas to prepare for replanting, WML has the contacts and expertise to cost effectively facilitate any post harvest works. WML will discuss the benefits and downfalls of different post harvest works and find an suitable outcome for the forest owner.
WML's team has the expertise and contacts to advise on establishing an investment to maximise returns. WML will educate the forest owner on the different markets available, the associated establishment costs to supply these markets and any influential environmental factors, which will ensure a suitable forest is established for the intended customer.

WML will obtain quotes from several reputable contractors and select the most suitable, coordinate the establishment process, monitor works carried out and provide detailed reports to the forest owner. This ensures a completely transparent process that allows the forest owners input at each step, and also provides the forest owner with a complete understanding of these processes.
WML believes in educating forest owners to achieve a complete understanding of the processes taking place. This allows the forest owner to make educated decisions on their investment and have as much or as little input as they should choose.

WML's director, Brad Pyers, is also director of Woodlot Harvesting Ltd, a industry leading ground based harvesting operation, which works closely with WML providing a professional, cost effective service to the forest owner. WML will obtain several quotes for harvesting and then discuss the pros and cons with the forest owner of each harvesting scenario. WML will then ensure complete compliance with both health and safety legislation and WML requirements before engaging the chosen harvesting contractor. Once harvesting commences WML will regularly audit the contractor,monitor progress and provide reports to the the forest owner as requested.

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